Here’s how to play Whing Golf:

Whing Golf was designed to play just like regular golf. So basically you start on a tee. You throw from the tee with your Whinger.  As you progress down the fairway you get near the green. 

Now you have two options: one is you can throw on the green with the Whinger, or you can throw with your hand.

Once you're on the green, you putt it just like regular golf.


One of the ideas with Whing Golf is that the game plays at approximately the same speed as golf. A foursome of golfers and a foursome of whingers could flow along, only interacting on tees and greens much like golfers do.

Careful engineering has gone into the design of the Whinger. The head itself is designed to fit a standard golf ball. The ball fits neatly into the Whinger, holds the ball in so that it doesn't fall out, but will release when thrown. The shaft length has been designed to an optimum length for throwing overhand. The game was designed to appeal to all ages. It's fun and there is nothing physically limiting.